Post op Lymphatic massage is essential for your recovery after any cosmetic surgery. Being in expert and experienced hands will give you the confidence and security of having a good recovery.


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lymphatic massage post op

Lymphatic Drainage Massage After Cosmetic Surgery

This service is focused on people who have had any type of cosmetic surgery.

In the first phase of recovery after cosmetic surgery, if inappropriate procedures and strong manipulations are performed, scarring can worsen.

There are several phases in the recovery process, and this process can take up to a year.

The first 20 days there is an overproduction of new fibers and an overaggregation of proteins, this causes a disorder in the production of collagen and fluid retention.

During cosmetic surgery, trauma occurs in the extracellular tissue. Let us remember that in this extracellular matrix there are components such as proteins, simple and complex glycoproteins.

For this reason, it is normal that after cosmetic surgery, the extracellular fluid is denser and not very fluid.

During this entire process, cellular hyperproduction occurs, this is where collagen is produced in excess and has different stages of behavior.

This collagen disorder is formed in 3 lines and then goes on to two lines that are definitive. That is, excess collagen 3 and then transition to collagen 1. This excess collagen is called fibrosis.


It allows, after the second week, to help reduce inflammation if used at the correct frequencies and intensity. It also helps to decongest bruises that occur after surgeries.

It is used in the second week after surgery, because the first week the body produces more fibrin and there is a lot of inflammation.
It must be 3 MHZ ultrasound, cavitation should NOT be used.

The ideal complement for ultrasound for lymphatic drainage massage.

Ultrasound massage lymphatic post op
lymphatic massage post op


This Treatment is the best for healing and a good vasodilator. It oxygenates and produces better circulation to a tissue that is saturated.

For fibrosis it is the best, but it should be used from 3 or 4 weeks after cosmetic surgery, subject to the assessment of the professional who is performing the procedure, lymphatic drainage massage.

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Radio Frequency

Radiofrequency is good for skin retraction, and activates better collagen production. Due to its thermal effect that is capacitive and is a deep heat.

But this treatment should be done in people with cosmetic surgery after 3 to 4 months. Because radio frequency is contraindicated in extensive inflammation, and cosmetic surgeries present extensive inflammation.

radio frecuencia


Cold therapy is commonly used as a method to relieve pain and inflammation.

This treatment is a vasoconstrictor, vasodepressor, ideal for improving skin texture, but it should be used after the second week after cosmetic surgery and for short periods of time.


It is important to note that recovery after cosmetic surgery; Lipo, tummy tuck, BBL whatever, you must have an adequate recovery time.

Basically they all need about a year. Of those 12 months they are divided into recovery times or phases.

One year for full recovery including reduction of inflammation and tissue recovery.

The recovery phases can be summarized in 3 phases;
-Acute Phase
-Subacute Phase
-Chronic Phase


The results of the surgery will not be seen until after 5 months. It is important to use the girdle for around 2 to 3 months. It should not be used 24 hours for three months, only the first two or three weeks.

Lymphatic drainage massage is essential, gentle manipulations starting with the Vodder technique, and subsequent tractions, should not cause pain, the holes should not be opened to remove liquids. If you start drainage 24 to 48 hours after surgery it is better.

Using wood or the famous wood therapy is not recommended, it is not suitable for tissue healing. Cavitation should not be used.


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Safia Esskander
Safia Esskander
Had such a great experience with Gloria and her assistant! I did 10 lymphatic massages and the results are amazing! Definitely recommend! 🤍
Smell so good here,clean and just right.👍 Gloria have magic hands. I was comfortable and relaxed. I recommend this place 💯
Info info
Info info
Gloria is Very good, she’s the best
lina solutions
lina solutions
I did my post op drainage massages in this place, very satisfied, very honest, very clean, the place feels very peaceful, and the experience of the staff is incredible. I just followed the instructions and my recovery was very great.
Janice Oliver
Janice Oliver
I was very satisfied with the service. Clean and smells good
Carlos Sucre
Carlos Sucre
I am 58 years old and after my facelift surgery. I need ultrasound and lymphatic massage. I found the best place. very professional, pleasant environment and clean room for treatment and excellent service for the care of my face. Thank you very much I am very grateful to have been in your hands. ❣️
Justina Santiago
Justina Santiago
So glad I found Gloria's business for my post-op massages. She is amazing at her work and her office is always very relaxing and clean. She makes you feel comfortable and I enjoy going to my appointments. Her daughter is also so very helpful and kind! Me alegro mucho de haber encontrado el negocio de Gloria para mis masajes post-op. Ella es increíble en su trabajo y su oficina es siempre relajante y limpia. Ella te hace sentir cómoda! Me gusta ir a mis citas. Su hija también es muy servicial y amable!
Nita Staton
Nita Staton
I would recommend this facility to anyone who has had surgery. The staff is very professional the facility is super clean and relaxing, and Gloria hands are magic. She is addressing all the key elements on my body and I am see great results. Thank you Gloria for the great work you are doing.
Jessica Francois
Jessica Francois
This is place is beyond amazing Thank god I found Gloria I will recommend her to everyone. Not only she has done my massages, she help me recovery fast from my lipo guide me to step what I need like supplements etc..! I wish I can give her 100 stars truly genuine caring woman I ever met. Nathaly is amazing truly appreciate you guys so much. Thank you so much ladies.
Janet Fernandez
Janet Fernandez
Best place to go to. I found out about Gloria @ Gloria Arenas Spa thru my cousin whom happened to be a customer of hers and after seeing the incredible results done on my cousin I decided to give this place a try. My experience at this place has been nothing but Amazing !!! The minute you walk in it welcomes you to a Very Clean, Relaxing ambiance with a Wonderful smell and Soothing music. Gloria is Amazing!! As well as the Staff there, their Very Professional, Kind and Friendly! Love her Facials and massages! I just keep going back cause there’s no place like it! Highly recommend this place.


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