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Lymphatic Drainage Post Aesthetic Surgery

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The Importance of Lymphatic Drainage After Cosmetic Surgery

Why Do I Need Lymphatic Drainage After Cosmetic Surgery?


1- Helps with the regeneration and recovery of the tissue.

2- Generates a good production of fibroblasts, therefore there is a good collagenesis.

3- It has an anti-edemic effect, calming effect, analgesic action and a relaxing action.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Effects

Mechanical Phase:

Mechanical phase, occurs when we perform a soft traction on the surface of the skin, opening the lymphatic capillaries. This is known as a Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Physiological Phase:

Activates the neurological system, therefore activates the parasympathetic system

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Frequent Questions

1-Is Lymphatic Drainage Necessary after cosmetic surgery?

Yeah. They are important in the recovery of the patient.

2-How many sessions will I need for post care treatment?

In general they may need 10 sessions, but each patient is different from one another, and each surgery is different, it even depends a lot on how aggressive the surgery was.
It also depends a lot on the type of scarring that the patient forms. The professional must evaluate each case in particular.

3- Is many machines required to do this post treatment?

No. The essential thing is the hands and according to the time of the surgery the Ultrasound in the correct frequencies and modules.

4- Is fibrosis left after surgery?

Yeah. It is normal since there is an internal trauma, and the cannula not only destroys blood vessels but also damages tissue.

5- Is it necessary to use the girdle?

Yeah. It has the function of containment and compression, since the body must get used to a new volume of fat, it also helps to stabilize the body.

6- How long should I wear the girdle?

Some surgeons recommend two months another three months. I do not recommend using the girdle for more than 3 months. Produces the opposite effect after three months, it can also give flaccidity.


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